Does anyone out there use really old fashioned hat blocking techniques?  I trawled the internet to see if there's any instruction on how to block a hat with blocking cane wire and no joy!!!

I usually use a blocking spring or rope....but saw some cane online and rather fancy using it...can someone provide clear instruction as I suspect its a dying technique....

Thanks in advance

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Hi Edith - the way I saw cane used by hat blockers at a firm I worked for was on blocks that had narrow channels in the design of the block so that the felt or straw needed to be pushed into the crevices. Cane was used to hold the shape in place with fine panel pins(used by carpenters)and these were knocked in with a hammer. Hope this will answer your question, happy hat making -Evelyne


Thanks for that answer now I have idea on how best to use it! Let's see if good old fashioned rope is best or if this technique works better!

Very interesting.  I am not familiar with this.


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