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how to remove foundation make up from a hat

Hi Everyone Still learning loads! would appreciate if you could please advise some tips on removing foundation makeup from a cream hat wit…

Started by ciara sweeneyLatest Reply

Colour Feather Spines

Hi What does everyone use to colour the spine of dyed stripped pheasant feathers after stripping one side?

Started by CathrionaLatest Reply

making hat block bigger

My biggest wooden hat block is 23". I have a customer with a 24.5" head measurement. Any suggestions?

Started by stephanie lawrenceLatest Reply

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Hat Restoration

I purchased this "new" hat off eBay, and it arrived quite damaged. The flower and broach looks discolored and tarnished; can I clean it? Ho…

Started by Christina Spain Hill

2 Jan 16
Reply by Christina Spain Hill

sewing machines?

As a complete beginner, and someone who's hand stitching leaves a lot to be desired, what sewing machine is recommended by all you experien…

Started by Ruth Connor

64 Jan 10
Reply by Ma Rose

Curling Ostrich Quills

Hello Milliner Friends. Happy New Year! I have a problem curling Ostrich quills, without feathers. I want to put neat big curls in them lik…

Started by Shandana De La Rivière

0 Jan 5

Felt stiffener and white marks???

Hi all, This has probably been asked a dozen times but...? I use a flammable felt stiffener from Parkins UK, not cheap at £20.00 plus VAT…

Started by Susan Fage

21 Dec 22, 2017
Reply by Lorraine Jay

hat shaper modify??

hello i am a the momment,focusing on hats my question would be...i bought 3 hat shapers,not blocks,cant afford those atm,so…

Started by natasha res

2 Nov 3, 2017
Reply by natasha res

Felt bending

Is there a way to keep the felt from caving in when you sew the hatband on. Maybe I didn't put enough stiffener on or the felt isn't that g…

Started by Helen Lee Marshall

0 Oct 26, 2017

Wool Felt Sizing

Hello everybody!I've been struggling for awhile now with sizing for wool felt hats. I've used an aerosol, which was okay, but eventually th…

Started by Theresa Kramer

3 Oct 15, 2017
Reply by Helen Lee Marshall

Beret blocks

I was wondering how to use a beret block to make an old-fashioned simple winter wool felt beret. Can you use it without having to felt it y…

Started by AGG87

2 Oct 12, 2017
Reply by Elaine Mergard

Used Hat Blocks

For some beginners affording and sourcing the needed hat blocks can prove challenging. What are some creative ways of getting around this i…

Started by Deniese Dennis

50 Sep 29, 2017
Reply by Sasha Safronova

Felt hat stiffener?

I'm Struggling with getting my felt hats stiff enough. Right now I'm using Hats by Leko hat stiffener. I'm Spraying it on before steaming.…

Started by Shania Fluit

10 Sep 27, 2017
Reply by Maureen Prairie


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