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Do you get overly attached to some of your hats?

There are times when I think I have an unhealthy attachment to my hats.  I want each and every hat to go to a good home where they will be…

Started by Bridget EarlyLatest Reply

Millinery Blocking Cord

Hello everyone!I am just starting my first millinery project! Will be blocking my first felt fedora. I was wondering what kind of cord and…

Started by Peggy LiuLatest Reply

Millinery Supplies Storage?

I would love to hear recommendations for how to store supplies. Feathers seem to be an especially challenging. I'm currently using an assor…

Started by Cynthia HicksLatest Reply

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What hat block would you choose?

Hi Everyone, I have a small issue. I have a commisioned piece where the customer would like to wear the hat on the back of the head like th…

Started by Kylie McLean

7 Mar 14
Reply by Linda Vynne

Alice bands and placement

I'm never confident that the hats I make will stay on the head, I use various methods to do it and the favourite seems to be using an alice…

Started by Anne MacDonald

0 Mar 7

sewing machines?

As a complete beginner, and someone who's hand stitching leaves a lot to be desired, what sewing machine is recommended by all you experien…

Started by Ruth Connor

76 Mar 5
Reply by Ma Rose

Attaching disc to alice bands?

Hi hat designers, I had some wonderful disc blocked in the UK and thought it would be so simple to attach them to an alice band/head band o…

Started by Michael James Pollard

7 Feb 18
Reply by Hat Academy

Stiffiner Question

What is the best product I can use to stiffen my hats?

Started by Lewlew murmur

4 Feb 16
Reply by Lauren Ritchie

Felt hat stiffener?

I'm Struggling with getting my felt hats stiff enough. Right now I'm using Hats by Leko hat stiffener. I'm Spraying it on before steaming.…

Started by Shania Fluit

12 Feb 8
Reply by Elaine Mergard

Liners for Soft Fabric Hats

Hi All- I have been working on learning the art of making soft fabric hand sewn hats.  Specifically, velvet is my favorite, albeit perhaps…

Started by Rina Wallace

0 Jan 22

Metallic Quills?

Interested in metallic quills (and feathers in general) - I see some for sale but unsurprisingly at higher prices compared to solid. Can I…

Started by Caroline - Potomac Belle

1 Jan 20
Reply by Elaine Mergard

Best types of silk for each part of hat?

I love using silk in my work to elevate the quality, but not always sure I’m using the right kind. How is this as an assessment of the appr…

Started by Caroline - Potomac Belle

0 Jan 17

how to remove foundation make up from a hat

Hi Everyone Still learning loads! would appreciate if you could please advise some tips on removing foundation makeup from a cream hat wit…

Started by ciara sweeney

13 Dec 19, 2018
Reply by Tanya Anderson


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