Whats your studio/workroom like? Share some images

Hi All, I am looking for some inspiration for studio design. My room has been ready to paint and fill with goodies for around 6mths, but I am yet to lock down the builder hubby to finish the project, so while I am patiently waiting I may as well perfect the layout and storage design. Please show me your areas for inspiration. I am currently working from the dining room table and cannot wait to have my own little space. Thanks in advance. 


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Hi Kylie

I had a small nook in the back room of our house, it was more a study/office with shelving on one wall and a great L shaped  benchtop. I ended up adding curtains under the bench to hide all my tubs and stuff. It worked for me for the last 4 years, but I recently relocated to a new area in our garage. We lined the walls and laid flooring, it is now a fantastic workspace, however I will admit it was easier with my kids having it inside the house. I have posted 2 pics one of my inside the house area and one of my new area in the garage. I have a large tresel table which I set up in new work area for cutting patterns, blocking and stuff like that. I have plenty of shelving and at the moment just 1 pantry style cupboard which is where I store my blocks. I am going to add another pantry cupboard soon for more storage. I am ridiculously organised and like everything to be in it's place. When I'm working it can be a mess but I try to always clean up at the end of each day, for a few reasons....no dangers for my kids to get at and I can always find what I need.

Very cool and very organized. I need to be more organized. 

Here is my workroom.  Not very well organized but I do know where everything is.  It is 11feet x 15 feet plus a 3 foot by 6 foot closet,

That is a great workroom.

I love the cutting table. Wonderful

Thanks Kylie. 

The table can also act as an ironing board as it has a removable ironing pad that covers the entire table.

The squares are actually interlocking squares and can be shortened or expanded to fit any table.  They did not come with the table but when I saw them I knew they would be perfect.  I got them many years ago and don't even remember where.

Find more inspiration here

This past January, my husband and I remodeled our smaller bedroom and my old (very tiny) craft room into an enormous millinery studio for me.  We knocked down the wall between the two rooms, turned one of the old closets into a built-in bookcase, and the other into a lighted glass display case.  I even put in an antique-style fainting couch!  You can see the full photo album of pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.280788035411217.107374183...

This is marvelous!  The lighting looks fantastic as well.

Beautiful room!

I took over the tv room last year, it's pretty pack in & often quite a mess, but it works for me.

I have a wall of cheap Ikea shelving with all my fabric & supplies on it(not pictured)

Another double bookshelves with research materials, sketchbooks etc. A costume rack.

In the middle a good height cutting table which is two Bettina Liano jean displays back to back, that I picked up at her garage sale. The jean cubbies are perfect for laces & trims in boxes. I have a cutting board on top.

I'm also making costumes & wedding dresses so I have a couple of dress mannequins, drawers of patterns, my tv & wall of inspiration

In front of the windows for natural light are industrial & over locker & 1940's teachers desk.

Great space!  


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