For some beginners affording and sourcing the needed hat blocks can prove challenging. What are some creative ways of getting around this issue? How came upcoming milliners with a tight budget source used hat blocks.

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Thanks Ros.  The Dior hat was doen on an old salad bowl!!!

Photo please!

This is the salad bowl Dior style dish hat!! A button block was used for the tiny crown.

Hi there! First time posting on this lovely website! AFter doing a lot of researching I found this AWESOME youtube video of a guy in Brooklyn who shows himself making a hat block in a really crafty DIY way, and so much cheaper!  <-- there ya have it :]

What a great find... 

This is a wonderful video tutorial! I can't wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing!
I have had ago at my 1st hat block made this way. I used to much foam, but think I will be able to make 2 blocks out of my mistake. Have to let it dry for 24 hrs so I will see.This is a great find THANK YOU

some people are making them out of insulation foam two layers glued together. Is is very messy and the static energy makes it stick to everything but it is possible to carve some usable blocks this way.

I've also made basic dome crown blocks with styrofoam wig heads, and enlarged them to the sizes I needed with papier mache' that you buy in a craft store. It comes as a block of powdery stuff (don't breathe it!!!), and you just follow the directions and add water, to get the consistency of a dough.  You can then roll it out between plastic wrap to the thickness you want, and drape it over the head, let it dry completely.  You can then add any other features  you might want layer by layer. Be patient, and let each layer dry completely before adding more shaping. You can also make a base out of a dowel and precut plaques in unfinished wood from the same craft stores.  You'll need a router bit for your drill to sink the dowel, with a screw and wood glue.   The dowel should be the same size as the hole in the styrofoam head. Elmer's glue will hold it without melting the foam.


I am not sure it is a right discussion topic. Hat making is my hobby. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time for it now. Many beautiful new blocks I own never been used. I show some now and later more I someone is interested.

1. Amazing set  "Queen Elizabeth".Size 57 cm. Price $380 (US $)+shipping


Let me continue ;)

2. Universal brim block. Perfect for "Queen Elizabeth" . Price $120+shipping


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