Hi everyone,

I have an unusual vintage block, gifted to me many years ago, which I haven't yet used. I've wondering if anyone can shed light as to the era, and what style or shape it was intended for. I've never seen a block like it since. Assume 1940's or maybe 1950's? Would love to know what styles of hat would have been made on this block. Measures  23 cm height and width. Photos attached.

Many thanks, Susan

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Hi Sharon,

Curiously, apart from a small recess just enough for a small headfitting turning, the opening curves outwards. Impossible to connect this with another block or any sort of shape. The headfitting is almost 'half moon' shaped as it is nearly straight along the back, so doesn't seem likely beret would have been attached to an extension of any sort.

Been puzzling me so much, I blocked it in newspaper, to get a better idea of how it would fit on head, before I think of a trimming design. After some fiddling, found the perfect position for headfitting on the head (see photos). Seems it would have been worn very far forward. Expect worn with a securing band. Have found some very decorative 1940's ones that cover much of the back of head, which I'll upload later.

Back to the block itself, can't think why the opening should curve outwards? As it was made during wartime, wondering if it was intended to be a two-hat block? Perhaps I should block over the side with the opening and see what I get.....

Found these 1940's examples of fancy bands for attaching tilt berets/hats

This is very interesting. I think that I have a block that I can adapt to do this!

Fabulous tilted beret!! I'd say 1940's!!  Wish I had one!!!  It's a keeper!!!!!!!

That looks like a gorgeous beret block to me.  Think of Marlene Dietrich in "Witness for the Prosecution" or Lauren Bacall in "The Big Sleep", or Jean Harlow.  Here, look:



Classic.  I envy you!  Go play and show us what you make!  Please!

Thank you all for your interest in this block!  Will be sure to show what I make on it!

Look at the movie Aviator and at the blue hat worn by Kate Beckensale as Ava Gardner. It is worn on the back of her head with the tall portion actually standing up from her head. Have seen many 1940's pictures like this and have made several of these hats. No need for an inner structure at all.

It is a beret block similar to those you can buy in eastern Europe!  I have built one similar myself and believe photos are in my album online and correctly identified by you as tilted!

It appears to be a style of either beret or capulet, in the vintage style.  I always tell people who ask what a hat will look like on a particular block to block it and see.  Sometimes you will be surprised!  Show us a picture of your blocked hat from this block when it is finished.

I think this is a 1930s Block and instead of imagining it as a beret plonked down on the head I think it may have sat to the back of head with the indented shaping facing forwards and upwards. This would give the look as though it was surrounding the head similar to the effect of a current halo The carved indent is Asymmetrical being lower on the head on the RHS. Experiment using a good quality fur felt & you will be surprised how glamorous this hat will be Best E xx 


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