Always tricky, I remember being in the swing of using one at one stage, then completely forgot how they 'should' be used.  In the end I still prefer my bare finger or thumb, because of being able to feel what you're doing... it's probably about time to try them out again.

What different varieties do you all use? Which finger do you find best, or do you use two?

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I have recently started using a metal thimble without a top on it.. I use it on my ring finger, on my right hand as it seems to be the one that I use to push needles through when stitching..
I have small fingers, so I find these thimbles come in smaller sizes and fit better. The other benefit is that I can keep my finger nails longer in length! :)

I struggled initially to work with a thimble, but I find now that when I sit down at my table to create millinery, my finger almost 'looks' for the thimble and I can not sew without it now.


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