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I have a new pork pie crown that is giving me fits with its indentation.  Other than blocking cane, does anyone have a suggestion for a trick?  I am considering an egg iron, but am curious to hear what other Milliners do.  Thanks :)

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I just bought an egg iron. I like it and have used it for a Fedora.  I have a block that has many ridges in it, and I end up just going at it with my fingers and a dowel (wraped in plastic) about the size of a pencil.  I'm looking forward to what other people think.  Those indentations look so sharp, but they are a pain.  


I've got a couple of tubes filled with sand - sort of like small door sausages - that I use to sit inside concave areas.  I pop them in and then put something heavy on top.   These seem to work as the sand is heavy and they stay in place pretty well.  I must admit I've not done anything which requires a really sharp edge though.  An egg iron sounds like the go though!  Has anyone ever used flower making tools??

when blocking where I need indentations, I have found that a plastic bag filled with rice also helps.  If extra help is needed set a heavy book on top of the rice bag.

Bridget, you're a genius! 

If it works with pastry ....


Right? Sad that so much of what I do reverts back to cooking or gardening, isn't it?

I was taught to pin through some plastic covered electrical wire as this gives a clean edge.


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