Last minute hat creation...need advice!

Hello, all, anxious newbie with a question!

As a rank beginner and hat-lover who decorates her own hats, I am sure they are not done properly, so go ahead and laugh...I am here to learn...

I got an invitation to an event thinking I had a year to prepare, but had to cobble everything together in a few days, including my hat. It is a wool, wide-brimmed fedora style hat. Multi-colored: burgundy, navy, green, teal blue on a grayish-mauve background. Quite an odd thing but it is literally the only one I have to use. (it will be worn with a black dress and burgundy shawl)

I have a feather cluster from a craft store (it's actually a feather pick for a flower arrangement) two burgundy artificial roses and bud, and a small spray of tiny white fabric flowers for accent. I plan to sew a combination of these onto the hat to dress it up a little.

Question: does the accent have to be on one of the sides, or should it be mounted on the front of the hat? I've seen both...not sure what the rules are..would appreciate lots of advice!

Photos: note that the camera flash makes the colors louder, in reality the colors are more subdued. The first pic with the burgundy shawl is more accurate. None of the accents are attached, I just balanced them on the hat to give you an idea of what I have to work with.

Yes, I know the colors are gaudy!

The band was removed because it looked like shoelaces, ugh. I  have a 1 and a half inch burgundy ribbon but not sure what to I just wrap it around the hat and sew it with a vertical seam, OR wrap it around the hat and cross one ribbon end over the other in an ' X ' on the back of the hat?

Everyone who would say, "This is what I would do!" - please chime in, the more advice the better! Thank you ~

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Quite frankly I like the colors.  I think with the shawl it will be a very attractive outfit.  I think the ribbon will be a nice touch.  I would cross the ribbon in an X (so it will fit better to the crown) and then place the feather cluster over it so there is not a break in the crown band.  I personally like the feathers on the right side, not in the center but slightly forward of that as it is usually more pleasing to the eye.  Have a good time at your event.


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