I have just finished a custom piece that turned out amazing.  Lots of peacock feathers and swords and...now how do I pack this thing?  

I'm thinking make poster board (thicker than paper, but not too stiff) paper tubes for the feathers, and lots of tissue and bubble wrap.  Additionally, I am considering cutting strips of poster board to lay across the fascinator base and tape them to the bottom of the box so that the thing can't be tipped on its head.  

Anyone have advice for safely shipping millinery with long, big or peacock feathers?

Thanks y'all!


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Hi Marianne, Your plan sounds great and I am sure others will take your innovative method on board to make tubes for the long feathers. Taping all down in the box including your tubes and using bubble wrap is all you need to do but plenty of "Fragile- handle with care"  tape so they treat your parcel with respect it needs. Your client will be impressed with the trouble you went to for its safe arrival.  Best Wishes, Elaine

Don't know how it is there but here  in the USA) sometimes disgruntled post office employees do not "handle with care" packages marked fragile. Learned from experience and have heard others say the same thing.  sure it doesn't always happen but just be aware.



I send large hats to the USA all year round and sometimes to one client i send the peacock feather type as she is obsessed with them!   For our large hats we use a 18x12x12 inch box.  We pack the base and sides with acid free tissue (make sure its acid free) .... if theres a crown.. pack the crown and if its a headpiece on a headband, wrap it almost like a bouquet and upside down in loose tissue paper.   We gently set in a ring of tissue paper and add some care leaflets.   We use Royal mail international signed for and make sure you complete the custom sticker on the front with the type of feather used.. otherwise it will be delayed at customs.   If you are sending to Australia be very careful that you say the product is bleach, treated and dyed and type of feathers.  DONT say if there is sinamay as they sometime destroy sinamay.  If you are sending for the Kentucky Derby at this time of year you would be best upgrading to courier.. i use Interparcel and have for 10 years now.  Choose express shipping and for that size box, less than 1kg going to the USA from UK it is roughly £48 plus vat.. depends on the state.

When i have sent a large hat with curly long feathers and quills i have actually rolled them on card and clipped with a kirby grip.  The client unfurls at the other end... you can only do this with certain feathers obvs.

Okay my glue gun is calling so im off to work..sigh! lol



I have used paper towel tubes or tubes from cling wrap or aluminum foil and even toilet tissue rolls for smaller feathers.  I cover them in tissue first so they look nice before using and keep some on hand.  I also gently wrap the curled swords around scrunched tissue to help keep their curl.  You must be sure though that the tubes do not weigh down the feathers.  to do this I make a "cage" of cardboard around the entire hat and sit the whole hat on a Styrofoam head that has been glued to the bottom of the box.  I make the cage taller than the hat so I can put a piece of cardboard across the top.  The head at the bottom and the cardboard across the top allow for space between the top and bottom of the hat that can be filled with packing materials.  This usually gives enough "cushion" so that if the box gets dropped or stepped on, the hat will go unscathed.

Good Luck, Sharon


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