How to give a hat shape/stiffness?

Hello! I am interested in jijin hats, a kind of liturgical hat that was used in China. I'm trying to figure out what material would be used to give this hat its shape/its stiffness? I'd like to be able to recreate one, but I'm not sure what kind of leather/buckram/material would be needed, and if it would have to be glued to the inside of the fabric? I have a background in sewing, but not in millinery, so any information or advice you can give is appreciated! :) Thanks!

New Liturgical Movement: The Chinese Sacrificial Hat, and Reflections on Inculturation in China  The Philippi Collection: The Chinese Jijin - 祭巾 (Tsikin, Tsikim, Tsi-kim) of Joseph Hermans, CM | Chapel veil, Kim, Boat hat

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