Study the past, if you would divine the future. Share here your memories, pictures, advertisements, magazines, videos of all things classic hats and headwear.

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Christian Dior

Cleaning up I found this vintage Lilly Of The Valley. It was quite popular in the 1950s especially for bridal headwear as it represented purity. Quite rare it was made in Japan. How would you use it on a contemporary head piece?

I remember using lots of these in bridal headbands with silk ribbons with matching bouquets in the lat 60's - getting close to vintage style now. I even wore it as my bridal headpiece in 73.  Oh O! now showing my age.

I added those to my 1987 headpiece, along side drop pearls, tulle and machined scalloped edges. My first bridal piece.

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful & personal photo Jain - exquisite headpiece. Bridal fashion changes so much These headpieces will be in again soon plus full veils.

I think this would be beautiful on an asymmetrical 1920s style hat with the blossoms pointing down.  Or perhaps draping over the side of one of my western derby style bridal hats.

When I saw this picture of the Lily of the Valley it reminded me of a hat I made using a small bomb shaped block with four bunches of the flowers covering the green net shape. It was worn on the back of the head. Very 60's! Evelyne

You will love the use of fabric and lace, all before the era of sinamay.

This video has such great close-ups of the hats. Wonderful!

Models display stylish new millinery straight out of the box!

What wonderful hats! The hairstyles are really lovely, too. 


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