Hello everyone,

I have a few questions about hat boxes. When a customer purchases a piece from you do you...

-Give them an option of a hat box at an additional price


-Include the hatbox with the order gratis (and have the cost price taken into account with the hat sold)


I have been looking to buy some online because I'd really like to give my customers something to store their piece in so it's looked after, seeing so much time and effort goes into them.

What type of box do you find is best or that customers prefer (clear plastic, round cardboard, hexagonal shape)?

I have found a few suppliers overseas but I would really like to support an Australian based business if possible.


Your help and advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Mel :)

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Hi! I think it's nice to put larger hats and fascinators in a proper box - customers do like them. You can always include the price in the postage and packing, too. I use the traditional, hexagonal boxes in black & white but go for something that fits in with your style. If you can't find a company in Oz that specifically sells hatboxes, you can also get templates online you can use to cut out your own.

Oooh templates! Do you have a link? Where do you buy your cardboard, is it expensive?

Hi Carena28,

Saw your discussion re hat box template. Did you ever find a link? 

As a milliner who sells at trade shows, both indoors and out, a hatbox is a must.  Not only does it give the customer something to put the hat in when not being worn, but is also advertising for you as they walk about the show.  The ones that fold flat work best for me as I need to space efficient for packing up. 

Best wishes, Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire

Constantly frustrated at the lack of quality, well-priced hatboxes in Australia. 

Some are too flimsy and most are ugly. 

I'd love to see a box manufacturer create a new line - perhaps with some colour options - even recycled board??   Is there a place for some entrepreneurial type to pull something together ... ??  Certainly seems enough of us who'd like it.  (end of gripe .... :)

PS  I usually provide the box as a 'nice surprise' with the hat bedded in lots of colour-coordinated tissue.  Customers appreciate this little bit of extra.  I prefer the traditional round or hexagonal shape - and put these inside another box for shipping if required. 

All packaging/shipping is included in 'cost of goods sold' in my accounts.

I believe it adds to the package.  And as others have said - it is advertising - you are noticed when you walk down the street with a hat box  & you want your logo on it.  I sell my hats through a high end boutique here in town and providing the hat box is in keeping with the image that both the store and I wish to emulate. 

I have just purchased a reasonable supply of hat boxes from Kevin Keating @ The Total Package.  I ordered gloss black.  Arrived within  a couple of days.  Price was reasonable compared to others I have seen.  Boxes look great and seem sturdy enough.  They do not have a website at this time.  Their email is below - they will send you a brochure if you request it.  These are packed flat and you make them up - arrived in boxes that they can stay stored in. 

I believe they will be at the 2013 Hats Off convention. 




Thanks Linda ... I'll check them out at the convention!!

Yes, I also get my boxes from Kevin.  He has a Facebook page with prices...very reasonable.  Check out The Total Package on Google and Facebook.  His phone number is 0403 935 686.  He is located in Cragieburn in Melbourne for memory. 

Ikea sells a set of  3 boxes  for $20.00

You are limited by size but they are sturdy


Gwenda from Flaxscinator.com.au

I include a hat box at no extra charge. It helps the client store the hat properly. If the hat needs any support during storage, I include that. It could range from stuffing the crown with tissue, supporting a brim, or in some cases making a cardboard tube to support the crown and keep the brim from being distorted. Clients love those touches as well as having a box to keep their hat free of dust. And many of them tell me that they can't find boxes appropriate for storing a hat.


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