Hello everyone,

I have a few questions about hat boxes. When a customer purchases a piece from you do you...

-Give them an option of a hat box at an additional price


-Include the hatbox with the order gratis (and have the cost price taken into account with the hat sold)


I have been looking to buy some online because I'd really like to give my customers something to store their piece in so it's looked after, seeing so much time and effort goes into them.

What type of box do you find is best or that customers prefer (clear plastic, round cardboard, hexagonal shape)?

I have found a few suppliers overseas but I would really like to support an Australian based business if possible.


Your help and advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Mel :)

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Up to now, I have just shipped in a sturdy mailing box, with the exception of some of my derby hats that are very delicate.  I ship these in plastic tubs. However, I have been searching the last few months for affordable, yet sturdy hat boxes.  I hate adding a large amount to the cost of a hat just to provide a box. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My clients love the addition of a hat box for their larger, and smaller hats. It seems like a real treat. I would love custom printed ones, but at the moment I just use hexagonal black and white striped boxes.

I don't think that it matters what shape the box is, as long as it is clean, reasonably attractive and sturdy.  I only add attractive, because I think that when a customer opens a hat box for a hat that they have invested a considerable amount of their income, it should be a real treat--kind of like the feeling of receiving a gift.  


www.newglobalmel.com.au sell sturdy hat boxes, their minimum order was $1,000 but I believe this is lower now, biggest issue is they are in packs and freight can be expensive... but worth checking out.

Hat boxes are great, but they can be expensive.  I found a link that demonstrates how to make a hat box.  I haven't had a chance to make one yet but if I do I will post it.  The link is listed below.


Having a hat box for your hat is very good and important as it ensures the durability of the hat and also makes it easy for you and your customer to store in a safe and convenient way. I recently started packaging my hats with boxes and the sizes I make which are usually in square form, are dependent on the size of the headpiece.I include mine in the total cost of production rather than separately. I am in Nigeria and I have someone who makes them for me at an affordable rate.I stuff mine with a transparent or clear plastic bag as I am of the opinion that over time if paper is used it might stain the headpiece. The clear bag also makes it easy for someone to see that its a fragile item. I hope this helps.
I live in Canada and I, too have been researching hatboxes. If anyone knows of a good and somewhat inexpensive company that manufactures hatboxes, would you please share the links? I don't have an issue purchasing outside of Canada, but for some reason, the Customs charges for anything coming from Australia are astronomical. Many US and Canadian want you o purchase a minimum of as little as 500. I would like to see the box before I buy 500!

Maureen :)

Hi Melissa, I never added the box price in as it increased the price of hat & may turn them away Always added the box as an option @ $X. Some have too many hat boxes to store. The Qld Milliners buy from this manufacturer - hexagon boxes. E xx http://www.hatboxesonline.com.au/?fbclid=IwAR0RJhelW_KEenbnsxb9cQhv...

Hi Mel, our hat boxes are pretty luxurious and expensive (we have two sizes), so we do include the box in the price of the expensive hats, where for other less expensive fascinators we have pretty nice and stiff paper bags which are branded and luxury as well. We do not charge extra for packaging and consider that unpacking is part of the customer experience as well.

With the exception of a few of my very fragile derby hats, I have only ever transported items in a strong mailing box up until now. In plastic tubs, I ship these.However, I've been looking for inexpensive yet reliable hat boxes for the past few months. I detest having to significantly raise the price of a hat in order to include a box.


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