I just got my first cloche block. Any advice on how to make different versions of the brim. I like the brims that are shorter in the front and back and longer on the sides. I like the ones curved up in front. Any way to do these without buying more blocks

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This is what I do.  I mark the front and back of the brim.  Then I take a piece of wire and fashion a curve with the wire from the front to the back (on one side).  When I like the shape (slope), I trace along the wire line and then flip it to the other side and trace it again.  I cut the felt very carefully and then make a paper pattern from the felt so if I want that design I don't have to reinvent the wheel.  

You could do something asymmetrical as well in a similar fashion.  

Don't forget to keep the felt that you cut away.  :)

good idea Cynthia

I use a standard 4" steep brim for cloches.  I make the brims narrower (shorter) by blocking the brim to the edge and then marking the shape of the brim, i.e. the depth in front, sides and back,  with tailor's chalk and cutting to the chalk mark.  It's relatively easy to make a very narrow brim, or one which is longer in the sides and shorter in the front or back this way.   I must admit I ususally cut the shape a little larger (longer) thank I think I want, as it's easier to cut narrower than it is to make it bigger!!

Shaping is done by either (depending on the brim) (1) using a steam iron over a curved ham or roll of towel, or (2) by loosely sewing a wire to the brim edge, steaming, and then pulling the wire to force the brim to curve to the shape you want.  It takes a bit of work though, and is certainly not as easy as having a ready-shaped block to hand.

Hope this helps :) 


I was wondering if you could tell me more about shaping brims? I'm a beginner and I want to make a cloche hat with a curved brim, but I don't know how?

Thank you!

Hi Carolyn, I teach how to block a turn up brimmed cloche in Lesson 19 http://hatacademy.com/group/lesson-19-felt-hat  In Guest tutor Lesson Waltraud teaches free form Felt Cloches you can shape to suit your particular styling. http://hatacademy.com/group/g02-felt-cloche-hat

Hope this helps. Elaine  


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