As a milliner you have probably heard people say from time to time "Hats don't suit me!" Or something along those lines... but the truth is... hats are for everyone! It's simply just a matter of finding the right style!

As we all know there are more styles of hats than there are face shapes and so it only seems fitting that one compliments the other! In the first of a two part series we show the first three face shapes, Oval, Round and Long. Here is a little information on the shapes, what hairstyles work best and more importantly, what hat to match!


Hair style:
Hair swept back, either slick or full. Keep the interest either the top of the head or near the bottom hairline.

Hat Styling:
Streamlined shapes and lines, worn forward. Hats with turned up or slanted brims toward the back or side help to accentuate the face shape. Wide brimmed hats usually work best as the horizontal / sloped lines add a fullness to the oval face shape.


Hair Style:
Hair centre parted, sharp cut styles which intersect the cheek lines. If hair is longer it can be worn over the ears to minimise the width of the face.

Hat Styling:

Medium to small brims, buttons or beret style fascinators worn to the forward or on the slant. A simple fascinator can be worn to the side or a smaller headpieces which helps change the angles of the face and creates balance.


Hair style:
Messy or curled, fuller style buns or curled hair worn down to add a fullness to the face.

Hat Styling:
Medium to wide brims worn straight or forward. A combination of long lines and classic wide brims will help to reduce the distance between the forehead and the chin which can shorten the appearance of the face. By intersecting the forehead the face is dramatically shortened. 

In Face Shapes Part Two we cover Square, Wide and Heart shaped faces.

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