Faces are amazing as they tell the story of who we are by the lines on our face, the expressions we make and the features we possess, passed on through generations. They are all so individual and made up of so many different elements including, colour tone, shape, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, freckles, lips, teeth, eyebrows and bone structures to name a few. Everyone has one and we think they are all pretty beautiful, particularly when paired well with a hat!

Here is part two of our face shape guide, which can be used as a tool to help you decide what hat might best suit the face shape you are working with. The main point of matching hats with face shapes is to provide a sense of balance. We hope you find this a helpful guide and of course as with anything there are no set "rules". So go on have fun and experiment!


Hair styles:
Hair worn full and soft with side swept fringes can soften strong angular lines. In contrast edgy sharp styles can be worn to complement and enhance the bold facial features.

Generally large brims with flowing lines along side round or oval headpieces can be used to help to soften the angular facial structure and create a contrasting balance.


Hair styles:
Rounded fringes and hair styles off centre can create a framing effect and draw the attention inward, narrowing and balancing the appearance of a wider face.

Much like the round face shape, buttons, berets and brims are best worn on a slant to help lengthen the face shape and enhance the natural beauty of the wearer. Another style which can be used is the modern percher hat worn centrally or to the side which adds height and creates balance between the face and hat.


Hair styles:
Hair is often parted to the side with heart shaped faces and hair styles swept to the side or ones with a volume below the cheeks are often chosen to add fullness to the bottom of the face and complement the natural angular nature of the face.

As heart shaped faces are quite sharp and generally have a petiteness about them, smaller hats with sloping brims or upturned brims to one side can help to provide balance and add height to the face. Small headpieces like fascinators, perchers and pillboxes often balance well with this head shape also.

» Recap: in Face Shapes Part One we cover oval, round and long shaped faces.

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