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"I am very impressed with the lessons I have watched. I am a very hands on learner and I worried that I would have trouble following the videos. You explain everything so well in a way that is very easy to follow. …… thank you so much for your support in helping this dream come true."
Rebecca M

"These lessons are invaluable for any beginner wanting to learn the art of Millinery and for milliners, such as myself who want to learn new and exciting techniques. I found the classes are easy to follow and I love the fact that you can revisit them anytime you need to. Mrs. Elaine Mergard is an exceptional teacher and I am excited about what I can learn from her."
Alisa F

"Wow I can't believe it's taken less than 12 months to get to a stage where I don't want to get any busier!"
Bellinda H

"I am thrilled to have a beautiful resource available that has inspiring, relevant content!"
Crystal H

"These lessons are excellent! Im finding i've been doing things the hard way so its great to get advice to make it easier."
Kerri S

"Having the videos to go back to anytime is so convenient and helpful!"
Beth S

"The lessons are great. So easy to understand. So excited to start making a hat."

"I have watched the lessons several times. Such a wonderful way to learn, thank you! I am so grateful to you for providing the opportunity to study in such a professional, yet personal way."

"I love these lessons! So thankful to you for sharing."
Tonya D

Bahdanava Sviatlana

I want to be among the best.. Thanks for opening the door to the sky!!

Sheila Fahey

Elaine Mergard is an exceptional teacher and I thank her for passing on her knowledge.  Her lessons are invaluable and so easy to follow them.  I always love to revisit them when I want to do so.


Maree Ann DeGraw

Well done Elaine Mergard; your videos have been great company and I really appreciated the courses as I moved through each lesson and challenged my self in the past 10 mths to make 100 head pieces.[I still work full time in my other business until I sell it - I look forward to doing more creations.]  I achieved and sold 47 of them. From wedding  veils - headpieces, fascinators, full hats,  turbans, berets and cloches.  Now I have a bag full of bits and pieces of cut offs. This month I am going to piece together a lot of them to make some patch work head wear. And Yes! I did make a few 'frisbees'  or have a box of not quite finished pieces - waiting to get inspired to make something outstanding from them.   Feeling pretty chuffed considering I was a milliner-florist in 1969-1979 and had not sewn anything for the past 20 years but picked it up all  again and learnt a lot more with so many new materials to use. Thank you.

Shara LaFave

I have found Hat Academy and Elaine to be invaluable. The lessons are so amazingly clear it is like being in a classroom. Elaine provides excellent support as well. She is such a wonderful person and really cares about helping you become a better milliner. Her responses are quick, detailed, personalized and she makes sure that you understand. The discussion groups are also filled with lots of wonderful information. This is a must have community for any new milliner who wants to get better at their craft.

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