Learning with Hat Academy online.

1. Read the individual lesson requirements and prepare or purchase materials.
2. Treat the Lessons as a face to face lecture & demonstration. Use a note book to make notes on each lesson for future reference.




3. You are able to access the lesson from the time your purchase is processed. You may review the lesson as many times as you wish during the lifetime of your membership of Hat Academy. Lessons a by streaming video and is optimised to your devices and bandwidth automatically.




4. The lessons are designed as a complete course in sequence as listed but you have the liberty to choose in any order.




5. Course completion is governed by your time available to complete tasks set for each lesson.




6. It is essential for you to maximise your learning by completing all tasks. Also participate in Discussions and learn together. Share a photo of your completed hat or headpiece.




7. Some videos can be very technically comprehensive with several hours required to complete work. Work at your pace.




8. All students will work at a rate according to their experience in basic sewing and creative skills. Remember experience demands your time.




9. Additional Courses coming soon. Keep your eye out... 




10. The benefits of online learning include:
• Convenience - you can access on PC or mobile.
• You can study at your own pace and time.
• Don't have to worry about your location, transport or parking.
• Fit your study commitments around your family and lifestyle.
• Discuss hat topics with other milliners via discussions or tutor contact.




"To create the next generation of milliners by teaching techniques enabling each one to develop their unique creativity"
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Absolutely Renee. It is all about you grasping the techniques to make hats and as a trained teacher I realise you will need to refer back to the lessons. You may review the lesson as many times as you wish during the lifetime of your membership of Hat Academy. 

How does the membership work.  Do I pay for each lesson that I want to sign up for?  What is a liftime mebership

You are a Member now just by logging in - free. Lessons are in AUS dollars and vary in cost. You have access to that lesson for the lifetime you are still in Hat Academy. Adding plenty more lessons soon.

I hope you find it inspiring and I am here to help you gain these skills as others around the world are.

hi how do i pay

for the lessons

Hi Pauline, Click on Lessons on top banner Choose the lesson then click on Start here and it takes you to make a payment via Pay Pal which is totally secure. 

Always check content of lesson ,watch trailer and requirements detailing sinamay ,wire etc you need. Looking forward to sharing my skills with you.


Do you get to rerun this course as many times as needed? Is it always available to you?

Yes Sheila. You have access for your lifetime as a member here in Hat Academy. As a trained teacher I know the value of going over & over a lesson. I am teaching this weekend with Qld Museum and a student said she would also pay for Hat Academy lesson as she forgets all the details when she comes to do it again at home. I am here to help you add to your skills. Best Wishes - Elaine 


I am really interested in starting some of these courses online, does it make a difference- as i dont live in the US?

Thank you


Hi Jessica,

The internet has broken down all the obstacles allowing anyone around the world to learn these skills in comfort of their own Home. I am here to help you that is my commitment to students to answer their questions and help you achieve. If you have any questions do get back to me Jessica. I am only an email away.

Enjoy, Elaine 

To get started when and how do we pay for the lessons, like you
Know I'm in port elizabeth and do not have a visa. I'm willing to pay in any way
But don't have a credit card

Hi Yolanda I will message you re Direct Deposit through your bank

Many countries do not have paypal so it is possible this way.


Hi Elaine my name is Bessie Whitmyre I live in louisianna I am a housewife and I love hats and theirs not too many hat shops around and yes I am new with this typing but I can't wait to get started and when do I pay for my first lesson and where do I go to start thank you.



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