Whats your studio/workroom like? Share some images

Hi All, I am looking for some inspiration for studio design. My room has been ready to paint and fill with goodies for around 6mths, but I am yet to lock down the builder hubby to finish the project, so while I am patiently waiting I may as well perfect the layout and storage design. Please show me your areas for inspiration. I am currently working from the dining room table and cannot wait to have my own little space. Thanks in advance. 


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You don't want to see what mine looks like. Vaguely reminiscent of "Carpet Bombing" in WWII.

Looks great and bet it works nicely.

Mine is not a cute room but I have elbo room to work. My husband put up my shelving and even a TV. I have three work areas and tons of storage. I am getting ready for a festival so the room is a mess, a happy mess. I have a larger room I am hoping to move in to by the first of the year.

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This is supposed to be a dining room. I enjoy having my work space in my home. And the antique cabinet was from my grandfather’s law office. I have dyeing and painting space in the garage also.

We recently moved into our new house and I have moved my millinery into a dedicated room, with a walk in robe behind. A lot of my storage is from Ikea and a little bit of DIY.

The table is actually 2 kitchen table tops one on top of the other with storage between for boards and some tools storage. And the legs of the table are cube storage from ikea that allows me to store things like my iron, soldering iron, curling iron, kettle and other tool boxes. The walk in behind hides my 2 tall boxes filled with sinamay and boxes with fabric. I’m also hoping to get some overhead shelving installed after spring carnival. 

My working place... my proud...

24m2, a door to our terasse, the view to the west..

The two tables are made by my dad in our childhood..

And the planed bank is over 100 years old and  also from my dad's joiner's workplace....

Now he ist not alive anymore... but still with me every day...

I love making hats and i want to start a small buisness in the near futur...




Thanks for posting this (and for all the responses).
I'm in exactly the same situation and looking around at storage ideas. I'm currently considering recycling wine / veg crates as an option for open shelving but still in the planning stage.

Good luck with your project


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