Hello, I happen to be a hat LOVER first and a hat MAKER occasionally.

 I have been enjoying HAT ACADEMY for a few months, and am wondering if instead of keeping your millinery stored... you might enjoy displaying your creations in your homes as ART OBJECTS on a lovely mannequin head.????

I am a vintage style mannequin head artist (view at www.crunkleton.com).  I immagine  a collection of one, two or three mannequin heads showing off a collection of lovely hats...right in your living room for friends and visitors to enjoy.  I picture changing this display from time to time (back into storage) so your display of millinery stays fresh and always changing.  Great conversation piece.

Think about it.  I have planted the seed...now let it grow.  Thanks much www.crunkleton.com they are lovely !

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I have the lovely Pam (on the right) but as a brunette.  She always wears my latest until it goes out to its new owner! 


Small world, isn't it.  I love seeing my mannequin heads around (www.crunkleton.com to see new heads). I would love to see your new hats now and then.  I think Pam-Head looks best in the dark hair, too.


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