Does anyone buy plain sinamay, straw, etc....and then dye it in the colors you want?

If so, what types of dye/fabric paints do you use?

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Jacquard Textile Colors - acid eyes work v well

available from Dharma Trading company


I have found it not worth the time and cost to color your own straw

The difference in price is only a few $/metre The only time I would need to dye is if I can not buy the correct color to match a clients outfit and there again I send to a textile artist who does it accurately & cheaply as they have mastered color correctness.

Always buy pre stiffened sinamay straw To make $$ in my business I need to make a hat/ day and just no time to do dyeing & stiffening Sinamay. I do stiffen Pari straw & felts but they absorb stiffener.  Using Toxic stiffener you need a ventilated work station as it can harm lungs with prolonged use even using a mask.

I have recently discovered an amazing easy & quick way to dye with multiple colours eg shades pink & non toxic. Can't wait to share this with you all. Opens up a whole new world of Millinery Excitement!!

So true Renee !

I can't wait to hear this.Tnx.
I use Dylon dyes all the time.

When you use Dylon to dye your straw, what do you use to fix it? 

i use dylon a lot too but it doesn't dye feathers that well, i have been wanting to try acid dye, does anyone know how it goes with feathers?

I'm like Elaine and don't bother too much with dying my own materials, due to time cutting measures etc. When I do bespoke or feel like a change, I use Tintex dye. They're based in Brisbane. I use the dye like a paint sometimes. Took some experimenting.

I've never tried it, but I've read where people paint their Sinamay with car paint (in a spray can).  Again, I've never tried it--but it does come in a huge variety of colors. 

I've heard of it but don't think I'd advise it. If you want to try a spray use oasis florists spray paint. I use jacquard.

My concern with car paint is it would fill in weave of straw in places as it is a heavy paint The florist spray does not as designed for straw and flowers for florists but the WARNING is read the label the Helmar brand I use actually says it affects the blood (big C of Blood??) and defats = brain. I use in my workstation( for fume extraction) with gloved hands & no inhalation & no health risk.

I like to use Dylon.


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