For some beginners affording and sourcing the needed hat blocks can prove challenging. What are some creative ways of getting around this issue? How came upcoming milliners with a tight budget source used hat blocks.

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My dream was to make hats for little girls :(

Set : hat stand + crowns from size 51 cm to 56 cm. Price $350 + shipping

There are some more.Let me now which one you are interested in.

I have 3 platters that I use for brim blocks. One is round and 13 inches (36 cm)one is oval shaped  15  inches X 18 inches (38 cm X 45 cm) and one great BIG one that is 24 inches in diameter. (60 cm). There is a brim block I saw that I would like very much but  it's way too expensive for me. These platters work well for now. You can always make the brim bigger than you want and cut it down.

I’ve purchased several blocks from eBay which were affordable and new.  eBay sellers also list used blocks which are economical.  I use to buy from a local craftsman who specialized in hat blocks, but recently passed. There are also antique shops and flea markets that ocassionaly sell hat-blocks. I’ve also used items around the house for blocking which worked perfectly.


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