I would love to hear recommendations for how to store supplies. Feathers seem to be an especially challenging. I'm currently using an assortment of boxes and bins, but they aren't particularly pleasing to look at. Do any of you have suggestions?

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I use the clear makeup containers that are upright, the ones generally used for brushes. I really like them because then I can see my assortment of feathers, and I just love looking over and seeing volume and color. :) Example attached. I don't have this specific one, but finding a deeper one like this works great. It looks like you're in the States - I get mine at Home Goods, they always have them in the bath section.

I love this idea.  Thanks for sharing.

Margie Trembley 

Hello Cynthia. Good question...I was going to mention I’ve used clear plastic travel bags as storage option but you mentioned boxes and bins not attractive; so only good option for plastic is to put away in...bin or box!   For larger feathers I’ve used jewelry storage containers stacked and labeled, as well as wood spools and vases to display guinea and peacock feathers on my work tables. Ever so gentle tape on bottoms to keep together.  I’m anxious to see more replies. 

Hi   Cynthia,  

I store my feathers and flowers in Toilet  and kitchen towel roll holders. I seal off the bottom with tape, and glued them to the back of the door, they hold lots of feathers and allows you to see at a glance what stock you have. Flowers I store in plastic sewer pipes, you can buy them different diameters and cut to the length you want. Feathers can also be stored in the pipes depending on the amount you want to store. Hope this is helpful.

Thank you for sharing these ideas ladies. I love feathers and flowers. I get inspiration from seeing the colors and feathers, hiding them makes it harder to "see" the vision. I'm excited to reorganize my workshop. I'll post pics of the final product. 

Check out this discussion on milliners workrooms and there are a few storage solutions here. My excuse when my room was untidy ... "No Mess No Progress!"


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