I've made a few boater hats and perching boaters out of parasisal straw which is great for races etc.

I want to make myself a summer boater for taking on holiday and was wondering what the best straw to use would be? Parasisal seems a bit flimsy if I was to take my hat to the beach etc.!

any thoughts would be great!

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Dear Laura, 

Making a summer boater for taking on holidays sounds like a great idea! Parisisals can be a bit flimsy but you can try extra stiffener and wiring the brim to give it extra strength. Alternatively, you can try other types of straws including buntal or sisal which are both thicker. In particular, the Paribuntal Capeline Hood could work? 

Please see here for some other options; https://www.houseofadorn.com/millinery/bases-bodies/straw-hat-bodies

Hope that helps and we wish you all the best! 

Happy Hatting and Holidays!

Kind regards, 

House of Adorn



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