Does anyone else experience leather splitting like this? Is there anything you can do to mend it without dousing it in glue? I understand its a natural product so open to flaws but I'm finding metallic leather seems to do this quite often and it's a bit frustrating.

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ps it's not so much the metallic leather splitting on top but the top metallic layer coming away from bottom brown layer.

Personally, I would address this problem with my supplier.  I have worked with leather in a different capacity over the years and only had this problem once before and not this bad.

Hi Silpa,

I have definitely found this to be the case with some of my leathers. I have found that it occurs mostly in white, some metallics and occasionally other lighter colours. I believe it is the way some skins are processed and unfortunately its part of the process. If you are stiffening this leather i would suggest using a little more water initially so that the glue doesn't just sit on the bottom layer and is actually absorbed into the fibres more fully. Otherwise i just buy extra and use these areas for blocking if possible and use the better finer and more consistent parts of the skin for flowers. Just like straw sometimes some parts are better than others. Like Sharon i would suggest having a chat with your supplier, let them know what you are looking for specifically and they will more than likely be happy to search out the best piece for your needs. Hope this helps!


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