Hi was hoping to get some advice, working with metallic leathers at the moment, loving the shimmer, except  the silver, when making leather feathers looses it's foil, particularly where the wire runs, any tips does anyone else experience this?  Shauna

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I have had the same problem with one of the pieces of rose gold leather I have. It's not all pieces though. I think maybe some pieces just rub away? I'm not sure why... And don't know of any way to stop it happening! Would love to hear if anyone does. Cessiah x

I have this problem too but only with some metallics. 

I have found that most metallic leathers have a silver foil base and then they are coloured over the top with a tint colour. When excess rubbing occurs or glues come into contact with it, i find it may lose its coating. The best advice i have is to have a can of silver "Design master" spray or something of that equivalent to give it an extra coat. Another way may be to treat the leather with a clear coat of paint however this may affect the usability of the leather for use on some projects. I also have found plenty of other silver leathers where this has not been a problem at all. At the end of the day it will come down to who made it and the processes they used to achieve the desired result. 


Thanks Yes have used the leather clear coat, and have thought of using the design master, re assuring that it isn't just me, thought I must have been doing something major wrong, will try design master thank you so much for your advise appreciate it .

Hat Academy tutor Jane Stoddart suggests:

  • Some have a ‘plastic’ coating which tends to ‘crack’, others seem to have a spray coating which can rub off.
  • Handle the leather very gently especially when damp.
  • If you have a wired leather feather, and you want to accent the wire stem, press down over a cloth, rather than rubbing in an up and down direction.

Thank you so much Elaine, cant tell you how brilliant this forum is I have purchased a few lessons and classes and have a list Janes is actually on top at moment I find it so very helpful so glad for it, and I shall try those tips,  I am very exited about advancing my skills and thanks to you it is much more possible.

I also wanted to add... be very careful with solvent based glues! These really seem to lift the foil off some leathers :(. I always use water based PVA glue for metallic leathers :)


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