Is there anything you can spray on handmade silk flowers to stop them loosing their shape?  I think it might be from the humidity here but my flowers look just gorgeous and extra shaped but loose it when we have a humid day.  I use 1/4 PFD glue and 3/4 water mix to stiffen, should I maybe make this mix stronger?



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Can you share the brand name Lynda as this is more accessible  Thanks E

It's Boyle brand, comes in a matt or gloss and its Australian made.  Costs around $12 from Lincraft for a 400g spray can.

I've seen this (as a gloss) used on straws which have been stiffened with the 50/50 mixture.  The same or similar product sells at artists supply stores.  The 50/50 can take away some of the shine in the straw and this spray puts it back! 

Hi Lynda,

Do you think you could use this spray on its own to stiffen fabric - or is it just used to add a bit of 'extra' stiffness to something you have already stiffened with another solution? I hope this question makes sense!!

I recently used Craft Smart's Fabric Stiffener on a piece of cotton lace and it left an obvious residue. I also used it on a piece of taffeta and it completely changed the colour (despite claiming to dry clear).

I would love to know what solutions/products people use when stiffening fabric trimmings (bows etc)!


For flowers that I make from silk dupion I use chemical straw or felt stiffener. For lace I use water based millinery stiffener (from parkin) does not leave a residue.

What fabric is it you are trying to stiffen. Did you try wiring the edges?

Thanks for your response Aoife!

I bonded two wide strips of taffeta together using bondaweb (vlisoflex) – I then wanted to stiffen and sculpt it into a swirly shape while still wet with stiffener, hoping the shape would then retain when dry.
This worked to a degree but the taffeta changed colour from the fabric stiffener. Since the hat was covered in the same fabric, you could really notice the difference between the hat and trimming!

I suspect this Craft Smart ‘fabric stiffener’ is just a PVA/water mix in a fancy bottle!! I should have gone with a ‘proper’ millinery stiffener I guess.

yes, wiring the edge is definitely an option – I just wanted to try hand-sculpting some shapes (without having to wire, cover edges etc).

I'd suggest painting strips of fabric with chemical stiffener, hang and leave to dry overnight then cut out shapes and mould with heated flower irons. Holds shape perfectly, edges don't fray and I haven't had any trouble with colour changing but if you are worried test on a small piece of your fabric before painting it all.

You've been wonderfully informative Aoife! Thank-you!!


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