Patterns for a Bichon Ironing Pad and Pin Cushion

Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone can help me, I am after a pattern and instructions on what goes into a Bichon Ironing Pad?  I have found a picture on Pinterest but the website goes to a false site.  I am also hoping to get the same for a tear shaped pin cushion pad I have seen at a few millinery workshops - similar to what Brett Morley has in his lace workshops online.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Emma, there is a pattern for an ironing pad in Classic Millinery Technique by Ann Albrizio and Osnat Lustig. As an alternative, mould a sheet of tissue paper to a rounded shape that fits in your hand. This can be shaped for whatever you need to press,I also use a small single piece of tissue paper between the hat and the iron. I hope this is of use.
Happy Hatting


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