OK, mentors, I recently purchased this hat block and haven't used one of these more rounded blocks before.  Am I going to  have trouble getting the hat off of this block, if so, what tips can you give me? My beret block is a puzzle block, so this is my first rounded block that I can't take apart.

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The challenge will be to get the headsize true after easing it off. I suggest you wire the base to head measurement to bring back to size.

When you use such for felt and stretch out with much muscle strength you have a  great volume of felt to sculpture the felt into interesting folds. The first hat you make might not be your best hat but when sculpturing you are in control of shaping Have fun


Thanks, Elaine!  I almost didn't bid on this one because I was worried about stretching out the hat size and the resulting effects, but no one else was bidding and it just seemed so unloved. Besides, I like a challenge, and if I can learn to use some of the more difficult blocks, I can learn to use anything! Right?


Just make sure you cover it well with cling film and when dry ease it off with a plasic corset knife, then wire it to original size. It is a lovely shape.

Thanks, Aoife! I love the shape.

You're so ambitious! I read a blog where the hatter had a similar situation. She sliced the hat from the block and then sutured it back together, incorporating the stitching into the design. As I remember it was a wool felt hat. Pretty extreme but as I recall she pulled it off.

My fears were all for nothing!!!!  I love this hat block.  It was actually relatively easy to remove the felt hoods that I used with this block, and by the time I added lining and petersham, the hats were just where I wanted them to be.  I have been playing with my blocks to see how many different styles I could get from one block.  These are the first three made on this particular block: Three different looks, and more to come.

Good on you Bridget that displays real innovation. 

Oh Bridget, these are very beautiful.  :)

Thanks, Elaine and Greer!

Just Beautiful!

Thanks, Kathleen!


They are great, I was just thinking I need to try to get more looks from the blocks I already have. But there is also a huge part of me that just wants to but more blocks


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