Hi all,

Looking through some of the fabulous photos on here and on various websites. I think I have come to the conclusion a model to show of the head piece is best?

At my early stage in y millinery journey I am currently using a polystyrene swan neck, and it looks ok, for now. But depending on costs I think I'm going to use a model. My friend has two lovely daughters who are happy to oblige, (one dark brown hair the other blonde.) I have a  decent SLR camera so will give it a go.

Just wondered any other thoughts on this view? Do you think it looks more 'professional' on model or mannequin? And of course it takes more time with a model? Sorry loads of question ;-)

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I think both can work and we shoot with both.

Stands are more “affordable” but it depends what your goal is. One question I’d suggest is what your audience would respond to more. A milliner may recognise the work you have done using a stand, a buyer may prefer a model.

My one piece of advice with models is use a professional model rather than a friend. They will have spent years honing their focus on the lens, the pose, how robust their hands etc. Hats have to be posed by a model in a certain way to get maximum impact. A good professional model will create emotion. Getting the pose and light right are the differentiators. It’s worth paying for a professional model if you want to attain that level of luxury for your product.

Other things to consider is light. That will make a huge difference. It’s less about spending big on lighting and more about knowing how best to use it. I see a lot of great hats badly lit or posed.

This is a big step for a lot of milliners, it’s not a small investment so getting it right is important.

Best of luck 



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