Life can get so busy as we are work to complete each masterpiece for our clients. Everything else is on hold until after the big day, as the orders must be ready on time. Below I can relate to using the hat block as a foot rest! What details in this millinery studio from the book Happy Birthday Madame Chapeau reflects your life in the workroom? 

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Fantatyczna ilustracja , kocham ją

Basicly this is my workroom, except it might be a little cleaner, right down to the pillow on the chair. :)

I try to be good about not having pins on the floor. But hat blocks and bits of thread are definitely scattered around the room, including on the floor.

And I also have a dog who looks kind of forlorn when I'm paying attention to hats and not him. ;)

I aways had a steep droop brim as my footrest for 20+ years but had to replace it with another block as the revival in vintage styling meant I needed to pay the block more respect than just a footrest. When I sweep I have a big magnet to pick up all those pins that litter the floor.

After visiting my daughters recently with hat in progress to work on, my son-in-law told her, "Pins must pop out of your mothers skin as there are always pins on floor after she leaves here!!" 

It's always great to see how everyone works so differently!  Keep up the good work everyone, no matter what your studio looks like. If it works for you then thats even better! 

PINS! Why is this so - my lounge chair seems to exude them every week for some reason - even when I wasn't there for days.?

I am forever finding pins everywhere, which is lucky because you can never have too many pins!! When i am in creative mode the studio is mayhem but there is no greater feeling than walking back into a clean and tidy workroom! I try to clean up as much as i can at the end of the day so i am ready for the madness to begin the next day! 

oh no, there is too much clear floor space and table space to be mine.. bad bad bad

Replace the dog with a cat ,or 4 . I like things a bit more tidy so I do not get out of sorts in my creating. There needs to  be a bird cage, so I can have something to chat at! I am in search of the sketch pad and fabric swatches. I do now see one cat. The dog is not well enough behaved to visit me at work!


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