Many years ago I made my own felt, last winter I made a cloche hat and scarf to wear to Melbourne. Recently, Due to the hot weather and heavy rains my studio was slightly flooded. [in the process of  weather proofing it] Although 95% of my stock was rescued - i notice my felt cap and scarf  are marked. with mould and dust.  Do I wash it and  re-block the hat in hope it will come clean and new again! Has anyone experienced similar. 

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Dear Maree,

You don't mention if it is handmade felt or a commercial hood.I have experience with handmade felt. It is easily washed in wool wash gently by hand,let it soak a little to dispel the dirt ,rinse in same temperature water then remove excess water

 by blotting with a dry towel heavily and then re blocking and steaming as needed.Hope that is helpful!


handmade ...  have re worked it and as new - thank you. 

I have actually had this happen and I sent the fur felt hood to the dry cleaners. Came back beautiful!

Thank you - 

Dear Marie,

I have found that the best way to remove mould off any type of fabric is to soak the item in COLD water with a good quantity of  table salt.  Being a felt hat and scarf I do not believe either would be affected by this.  Soak until you are satisfied all of the mould and staining has disappeared, and then rinse in cold water until clear.  Give a final vinegar rinse, blot dry, microwave felt cap until very warm and then re-block, steam etc.

I have saved a friends pure silk wedding dress and many other formal dresses that had severe  mould stains caused by floodwaters! 

Best of Luck


Thank you - have done just that and have removed 99%. Happy with outcome. Thank you again.


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