I'm very new to hat making and I'm gradually working my way through the Hat Academy videos.                I would appreciate some advice from more experienced milliners.                                                        When looking at the inside of a hat, is it acceptable to see a few stitches showing which are from securing the trim?                                                                                                                                                     I've tried using glue but I'm a bit messy so I'm basically hand sewing everything.                              Advice please?

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I always try to avoid showing any 'messy' stitching.. or glue. You can watch this tutorial by Katherine Elizabeth on making a cover up.



Several different ways to line hats here also- https://hatacademy.com/group/45-linings-for-all-occasions  Your are doing the right thing Sue to sew on all your trims as very embarrassing if client loses some of trim in a breeze as glue has given way !! Hiding stitches is always our aim & if stitch is a contrast colour to straw touch up with felt tip pen to hide. I remember a store in Darwin telling me the customers loved to see my hand stitching as they new it was made by a milliner cf the imported cheap hats :) 

Yes, it is acceptable. I was taught that it shows that you take the time to handstitch. Glue is risky and may not last as well as stitching. If you or a client are bothered by the visible stitching you can always put a liner in.


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