I would like to learn how can I have a better finish for my wool felt with the technique to sanded or polish it.Anyone can help me please?
Also I see milliner "burn" the surface of the felt, how can I make that?

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Are you referring to "pouncing" a hat?  If you are then after you have properly ironed the hat you need to work out any hairs.  To do that you can "sand" the hat by using fine emery sandpaper.  Use 3 or 4 small stripes of the fine emery paper in the palm of your hand, one on top of the other so you can rotate them as needed (start with a fresh one and finish with a dull one) and go evenly around the ha,t in one direction only, making sure you cover all surfaces. Do not use this on fur felts. 

This practice takes practice to do properly so I would work on a hood or 2 to perfect the use of the sandpaper before presenting your final work to the public.  Good luck.

Thank you


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