how to remove foundation make up from a hat

Hi Everyone

Still learning loads! would appreciate if you could please advise some tips on removing foundation makeup from a cream hat without making it worse!  was thinking of maybe using baby wipes but not sure if this is the best thing to use?

many thanks


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Hi Ciara

I would recommend fragrance free baby wipes. They were recommended to me by a theatrical milliner. I work for a designer who hires hats and we find many hats come back with make up on.  We have found baby wipes are excellent.,especially if you get the make up when it's fairly fresh

hope this helps

Many thanks Marie, I will try this however the make up is not fresh! fingers crossed.  Kind regards Ciara

Baby wipes were used years ago with great success but in Australia they no longer contain alcohol but rather lanolin for baby which is great for babe! Some hand wipes (small pack you may have in car to clean hands) have alcohol in them as this is active agent to remove stain.= check for ingredients. 

Home Dry Cleaning fluid was available from grocery stores years ago but no longer available. Bunnings Hardware in Australia have a Diggers Dry Cleaning Fluid/ White Spirit or in USA called Mineral Spirits. It is highly inflammable and need to use outside with a mask and disposable gloves or in fume extraction cupboard due to odour.

You need 2 wads of Cotton Wool- One placed under the stained band or liner so it does not soak into straw or felt  and the other to dip into spirits then squeeze out & use this to rub over makeup in a circular motion. This leaves an odour and you will need to leave hat in a breezy spot to allow odour to reduce = maybe 2 days but at least you save your hat :))  

Many milliners iron on a strip of iron-on-Vilene onto band for 5cms each side of Centre Front  as it is usually when the hat hits the brow that makeup marks appear. When sold just remove the strip.  

Hi Elaine, many thanks for all your advice - never thought of white spirits or Vilene strip, will try and see how I get on.  Kind Regards Ciara

May I add another cleaning tip Elaine, to remove lipstick use eucalyptus oil by dabbing it on the mark. Air the hat after until the smell of the oil goes. Only use on fabric not leather or suede. Just hopes this can be of use to you all. Keep up the good work.
Best Wishes Evelyne.

I am also a nurse. as a nurse we have plenty of opportunity to get blood on our uniforms. we have always used hydrogen peroxide to get the blood out, it works great. so now when I prick my finger while sewing a grab the Peroxide. 

I have also used it very successfully to get make-up off the head band. It never leaves a spot or fades the fabric. I apply it to a cotton ball, or Q tip using only a small amount. Works great 

thks to all ,all these informations was helpfull

TBH its always best to prevent the stain from happening in the first place.  Use the silk medical tape on the center front or any other areas where it might come into contact with makeup or oil.  The silk medical tape doesn't seem too incongruous on the underside of a hat, looks a bit like petersham ribbon, they also have different widths.  Just remove it once its sold.

Try Micellar Water which I have found removes makeup from clothing.

good luck!

I recently discovered a product called "micellar water". It is soap free cleanser and make up remover. I used it to removed heavy foundation makeup from several hats following a fashion show. I thought the hats were ruined when I saw the stains from stage makeup. To my delight, the micelar water on a cotton ball and rubbed across the stain removed them immediately and dried to like new. 

Great to know about the Micellar water! I have used OxyClean laundry spray to get rid of makeup stains with good success but may have to give the micelles water a try. 

Hi Ciara,

l work in a ladies boutique and we use "Wet ones" to remove makeup from clothes when ladies don't use scarves to try things on and 9 times out of 10 it works! Good luck.


Tanya Anderson


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