Hi ,I need to make these twist for my daughters hat this weekend ,and have to be covered with fabric.

Can any one help me on how you do them ?

Thank you


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Not sure if this helps but - if the loops don't need to be solid, you can make great ones by sewing tubes of fabric cut on the bias, and threading these with fine, stainless steel wire. 

This wire doesn't kink, so will always make a perfect circle when bent.  If you make the tube about 1/2 inch wide, one strand of  wire will automatically hold the fabric in a shape similar to that in your picture.   It won't be solid though - but will look solid.   Hope this makes sense!! 

I've made the loops on the attached hat using this method - although the tubes were only 1/4 inch wide.


Fabulous creation and brilliant idea for the loops

Kim, I think fabric used is a 2 way stretch fabric but I can not notice a seam When you stretch it over wire very tightly it gives this swirl. I know PhillipT does work like this & have always considered he has no seam.

The fabric used is like a stocking & a tube of fabric which is dyed in suitable colours. I have searched for such in medical field & industrial supplies as nothing in fabric suppliers but all to no avail. Greer has made sure she has cut silk on true bias as no seams seen. Try it with seam but cutting on thread line as no need on stretch to use bias & ensure width very acurate  Plus use jersy/blue needle for machining stretch fabric.   

I would like to know how to tidy the wire at the end so it doesnt poke out?? any suggestions?

Hi kim,

That gorgeous headpiece is Phillip Tracey 's? I have had a discussion with other milliner S and been told that he uses Lycra to get this affect.


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