Having seen a vintage cloche featuring a grosgrain nautilus cockade I want to make one.  I can't find any instructions anywhere.  A friend is sure she has seen some in a millinery book but can't remember which one.

Can anyone recommend a book that might help me?  At the moment I am pleating up the grosgrain with a thread and then pinning it out onto a foam ball to get the right shape but I wondered if there are some tips out there to make it easier.  I know it's probably just a variation of a plain round cockade but help would be appreciated.

This is the vintage one which inspired me.

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Sandra, Just joined the Hat Academy and think I can help you make a Nautilus cockade. See my photo below too. You will need about 2 metres of 1 inch wide petersham ribbon. On the photo the large pink ribbon shows how it is pleated diagonally.The pins mark the pleats. The spaces between the pins are 1 inch ( 2.5 cms) and 3/4 of an inch (2.0 cms). After stab stitching each pleat at the top edge catch the bottom edge pulling in slightly . Twirl the stitched pleated ribbon into a nautilus shape , stitching at the back to hold in place.

Evelyne, you are a TREASURE!

I just spend another half an hour poring over books on ribbon cockades to no avail.

And your picture makes a lot of sense. I was pleating ok but not doing it on the diagonal! Brilliant.

I'll try to have a go at this tomorrow!

Thanks so much. I know there are others on here who will be keen to have a go too!
Many thanks

That cream one looks good enough to eat!
Miss Evelyne, you are an angel! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Miss Sandra, please let us see the resultant cockade you fashion. I will get some ribbon and try this myself!
Sandra-thank you for your kind remarks, I think I have found the instructions in Candance Kling's book The Artful Ribbon on making a nautilus cockade. Also there are some videos on Flickr Candace Kling dancingisland. To make the pleats she uses a fine pleater board, fuses in place and machine the edge,making a clean finish.
Happy Stitching-Evelyne

Evelyne, I have The Artful Ribbon and I can't find where in the book she mentions about the nautilus cockade - could you please pass on the page number?  Maybe I have an older edition also - 1996?


Emma,first of all I must apologise for the wrong information about making a ribbon nautilus. I broke the rule of not checking the facts when l read it, what I did see were some videos of Candace Kling on Flickr showing her method of making a nautilus trimming. It is danceiingisland January 28-29 2012. Thanks for the opportunity of righting a wrong and and hope you will forgive me for this oversight.
Kind Regards

No worries Evelyne, I was more worried that my book had lost pages! I think I have seen the same videos so will look back at them again :)


So helpful!

I took a millinery class at Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles, 2980 Adeline St., Berkeley CA  94703, 510-843-7290.  The class was taught by Lynn McMasters and one of the projects she taught was creating a grosgrain nautilus cockade.  Maybe you could call Lacis and get some information about her schedule.  I believe she is from Sacramento, CA.  Hope this information helps.

Thanks Queen E. I live in Australia so unfortunately the classes won't help. I believe Patrice Krems also does classes on it but again nowhere near these shores. We'll do what we always, help each other to work it out. Just have to make the time.

Try Ruth singer book she is .com and you can buy direct signed copy from her site .....or Amazon. Also there is creating ribbon flowers book by Nicholas kniel which has different styles of cockades etc!  All the best


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