A student has asked about establishing a hat hire business. Has anyone had success hiring out hats? If the hat would normally retail at $350 what is fair price to hire out? What are the pros and cons from your experience? 

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I will think half price..

but after 2 rounds hat going in rubbish bin- make up stains, wear, weather condition(people not care if it's not  a"private property")..  you can save only so much from hat (like trimmings may be)

 is it worth it?

I have heard that you leave a deposit to the value of the hat would be if you were selling it and then you charge the hiring fee. Upon return of the hat you receive the deposit back. The hire is for 48 hours. I have noticed different hiring prices depending on the detail/design of the hat. I hope this information helps.

I have often wondered what would be involved with hat hire. I read an article recently regards this issue, where this lady was searching for a hat for a wedding in the UK  and she couldn't decide which one to buy so she bought several and from then on she contacted friends and her business excellated from that venture, but I would imagine you would have to take a deposit and a fair deposit on every hire and refund a percentage back when returned. But as I discussed with my son if you had any problems with no return it would cause you so much stress in chasing up hats and then again not to mention the damage inflicted on your precious headwear, just something to consider and you would have to make necessary repairs before next hire.

I was wondering how the aspect of keeping the hat sanitary on the inside, from touching people's heads? I am wanting to do hats for hire but don't know anything about this part of it. Can someone explain this to me please?

Clean wipes are the secret to this problem. They contain alcohol and also disinfectant to maintain hand hygiene  plus remove stains. The greatest problem is make up stain on headband but cleanwipes usually get rid of these otherwise Dry Cleaning fluid from metho dept in grocery store. Clothing boutiques have this challenge also with multiple customers trying on garments.

Would this also cover the problems with lice and that such of thing?

Ti-tree aeresol spray should work. You could never use insect spray. Maybe pharmacy has a non toxic spray for headlice you could use - not having children in house I am out of touch what is latest treatment for such. It would need to be fine mist that would not dampen straw or fabric.

Lice can only survive a short time off a human host.   I have kids and I'm always paranoid they will bring lice home.  So on top of always keeping my hats boxes up I leave a small cloth like a dryer sheet with tea tree oil on it.  This also prevents moths.  You can also put lavender oil with tea tree or on it's own on the small cloth.  I tape mine to the bottom of the lid I store my hats in.  


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