The Duchess of Cambridge has adapted her hair style to suit her hat of the day. Should you determine the hairstyle first….or decide on the hat style and work hair challenge out once hat is complete? What are your hair tips especially if you have long hair like Kate?  

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I was at a restaurant recently and watched a girl take out all the pins of her bun, which was twisted on the top of her head - and obviously done whilst wet, shake out her hair, run her fingers through it.  Done.  (and all at the table).   The bun looked so much better!!

Short hair is indeed rather easy to handle; I too have my hair short but only at the back while it is rather  longish at the front. When i wear a flat cap, it is completely brushed back and when wearing one of my pillboxes or a beret-style hats, it is combed to either the left or the right and somewhat 'sculpted', usually a take on the 'finger waves'.

Indeed, I do adjust my hair to fit with whichever hat or cap I decide to wear.

I've been collecting photos of beautiful hairstyles, that I think would look great with hats, on my pinterest site:

I started doing this as clients often ask me how to wear their hair with my hats and it really helps to show them pictures.


Thanks Vivienne, I am now following on Pinterest.

 I am following too.  Thank you!


I'm of the view that the hair determines the hat or head piece worn.

Hair should compliment the Hat or Headpiece and not be left to fly away as if you did not have time to get your hair done. Wearing your hair tied back also help to create an illusion of a longer neck....whether it be a chignons ,a victory v or another elegant style....... This also allows elastics and alice bands to be hidden.... 

If you choose to wear hair down hot rolls are great old fashion setting in rags works well but remember prep your hair. this means use mouse or a gel spray . To help hold the curl and if you are wearing dead straight in every way shape and form hair spray is your friend and will stop those horrible flyways. If you have fine hair talk to your hairdresser/Stylist  about product that will work for your hair type. No head of hair is the same...... Find a great stylist that will work well with you....

I love making hats that sit in around a hairstyle... I think it adds another element to your headpiece/hat.

I like the challenge of working out how to anchor the headpiece (usually with wire or elastic), then get my hairstylist to cover it over so it looks invisible. The longer the hair the better!

The pearl headpiece has a thin headband section with an elastic, the halo has a small wire section which is attached to a comb that sits under my bun.


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