The Duchess of Cambridge has adapted her hair style to suit her hat of the day. Should you determine the hairstyle first….or decide on the hat style and work hair challenge out once hat is complete? What are your hair tips especially if you have long hair like Kate?  

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This clip on yesteryear hairstyling does exactly that....those hand rolled curls!!! Any idea what era this would be 1930's??

It's 1944; I wish I had a Henry da Costa to coiffure my locks!

Seriously!! He had skills!! Love those curls and hats!
Loved that clip! Thanks for sharing Elaine.

Me too Kathleen.

Hair is easy to sort out, whereas a perfect hat is not always.

You lovely ladies are soooo lucky as my wide face requires a tilted turn up brim and unfortunately cloche styles do not suit me and I love that elegant look. Pillboxes need to sit on back of my head which was fine in the 1960's but today's trend is to wear forward and it looks like a pimple on a pumpkin!! I just enjoy making them for everyone else which gives me so much joy.

You too? The only hats I can wear are ones I make myself. My head is shaped like a basketball and has 25-inch headisize opening. I know what you mean about cloches. I've been toying around with cutting the brim on a cloche in such a way to be more flattering for a fuller face. Still a work in progress.

Those of us with small heads have just as much trouble.  I have never been able to buy a hat that fit.  I put them on my 21" head and they drop right down over my ears and most of the time my eyes. Elastic in the sweat band doesn't really do the trick, because the hat is sized so large that the brim is out of proportion with my head. Makes me look like I am wearing a bucket on my head. This is one of the reasons I started making hats. I look best in the small hats from the 30's and 40's, but can do a trilby style, if I make a 3.5 inch crown and small brim--starting to really enjoy the millitary crown with a small turned up brim as well.

I love that she changes her hair to suit the hat!  I'm saddened a bit when I see (mostly young) women wearing a gorgeous hat and their long hair just hanging down.  Especially bad if it looks uncombed or is fashionably 'tousled'.   

The best thing I ever did was get my hair cut short, into one of those lop sided bops. My head size shrunk 2 cms!! I still style it to go with my headwear though, 

I love the way this film demonstrates the hair and the hat being treated almost as one, with the hair becoming almost like an ornament to the hat.  I miss the finished look that women once had.  Now it seems the stringier and unkempt the hair, the more in vogue.  Makes me want to walk around combing everyone's hair.  My hair has gotten shorter, the older I have gotten, to where I barely have anything left at all, but a hat covers it anyway!

My daughter wears her hair long and stringy. I remind her to brush her hair, and she says, "Mom, nobody does that.". This is definitely a generational thing.


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