Hello Everyone!,

I want to get started on my Beginners Course, but cannot afford a hat steamer right now......does anyone have any suggestions and/or success stories using something else?

thanks heaps,


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The best improvised hat steam i found was one of the old whistle kettles, not one which "clicks" off when it boils. 


Otherwise I simple put a bread knife across the top of my kettle lid to stop it clicking off and improvise with that.

Hope that helps. 

Thank you Michelle much appreciated!

I bought a clothing steamer from Kmart and I love it. It has a hose so it's easy to use in your workspace and hooks back on the stand when you're not using it. The stand height is adjustable so you can set it to the best height for your table.


Hi Carlie, yes I was wondering about a clothes steamer...I think either a clothes steamer or stove top kettle will be the short term solution!

Another clothing steamer user. I suppose the trick is to find a model with a right hose. 
I used my husbands portable steamer (it's from Lemontec) at first, when I had no equipment and couldn't afford the separate hat steamer. But when he was on his business trips - so no steamer for me - I've adjusted to use a kettle, a globe and a table spoon. Lot's of steam and hold the shape while it cools. It should be enough at the beginning.
Good luck, Annette!

I, too, have used a garment steamer which works very well.  Just don't use it around wallpaper! :)

Thanks heaps Sharon, it seems that these have been used by a few people with success!

Hello, I am in the same boat. I have a garment steamer I bought from Harvey Norman and it works a treat on the high steam level. I hate ironing and am very excited to have an appliance that handles both jobs beautifully. It puts out enough steam to curl quills even! Cheers, Kylie.

I was thinking the same thing about the clothes steamer too.....couldn't tell you when I last actually ironed something!

I use a steam cleaner was around 25 dollars at kmart

Also another great idea!, thanks Ness.

The best steamer for hat making are the ones you buy for wallpaper stripping from DIY stores such as Argos etc in uk, they are cheap reliable, easy to decale etc and most designers such as philip treacy and Stephen jones use those in their atelier.  All you have to do is cut the hose to about 4to 6 inch length and steam away!  All my workshop student loved it and bought their as there is no expensive maintenance costs involved like jiffy hat steamers which can only be bought cheaply in the states!!!  I don't recommend the kettles......just go to diy store and buy this cheap long lasting answer to an age old question!


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