Study the past, if you would divine the future. Share here your memories, pictures, advertisements, magazines, videos of all things classic hats and headwear.

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Not quite vintage - My first business in Central Queensland 1974 .. O those were the days that I actually made long Cathedral Veils, Waltz Veils all with the blushing veil and full bonnet headpieces full of ruching silk, pearls and flowers. My lounge was always filled with tulle, silk, crepe, chiffon,voiles ribbons and flowers..

Stylish 1940s London hat shop.

I love the hat she chose!

This is a vintage hat I purchased last year. It was made at Saks 5th Avenue Millinery Salon. I am not sure how old it is, but I suspect 1950s-60's. I really love it and was lucky to find it.

Ohhhh love it - yes 60s at a guess. I made a turn up Breton brim in 1964 with these same lily of the valley flowers sitting upwards around the whole brim and loved it.  We we were a little obsessed with these flowers in that era especially for bridal wear.

Great little find. I always loved lilly of the valley. Used these fabulous flowers alot in the 60-70's in my bridal millinery.   

French hat block makers from 1942. Love the feathered apprentice!

O,this project is very dear to me - Gave me idea to recreate to original size and scale of millinery block developed in collaboration with Owen Morse-Brown (Guy Morse Brown Hatblocks UK)and finaly hat itself! ( and this blocks now available from GMB hatblocks now)
And in mustard colour:

The timeless tilt! 
"On the Continent Dame Fashion is having a tilt at the forward tilt and high back."

Dream Bonnets...

Swimming caps & a water wig!

Would you wear one of these?


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