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I love the hat she chose!

This is a vintage hat I purchased last year. It was made at Saks 5th Avenue Millinery Salon. I am not sure how old it is, but I suspect 1950s-60's. I really love it and was lucky to find it.

Ohhhh love it - yes 60s at a guess. I made a turn up Breton brim in 1964 with these same lily of the valley flowers sitting upwards around the whole brim and loved it.  We we were a little obsessed with these flowers in that era especially for bridal wear.

Great little find. I always loved lilly of the valley. Used these fabulous flowers alot in the 60-70's in my bridal millinery.   

O,this project is very dear to me - Gave me idea to recreate to original size and scale of millinery block developed in collaboration with Owen Morse-Brown (Guy Morse Brown Hatblocks UK)and finaly hat itself! ( and this blocks now available from GMB hatblocks now)
And in mustard colour:

The timeless tilt! 
"On the Continent Dame Fashion is having a tilt at the forward tilt and high back."

Dream Bonnets...

Swimming caps & a water wig!

Would you wear one of these?

Ex-serviceman John Pickworth is an expert milliner. His three-in-one creation sets a fashion novelty. A hat that can be worn in three different ways.

Milliners know when they discover a gem in a thrift shop or have a slow seller on the shelf, it is all about a recycle... as the possibilities are endless!


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