Study the past, if you would divine the future. Share here your memories, pictures, advertisements, magazines, videos of all things classic hats and headwear.

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Great sign for every hat store to keep the Milliners busy I love the art work in these posters of yesteryear

Stunning Pieces!

Love this.

Some classic ideas and interesting catwalk!

Adorable! Brings back memories of my dear aunt who had bathing caps just like these.

Classic inspiration!

Just brilliant!!

The Elegant Styles of Edwardian Britain

What amazing footage; my grandmother's aunt was a milliner and had a shop in Marlborough Massachusetts above a store. I imagine that some of the hats she made were similar to these. I think that it would be fun to re-create some of these in miniature. Thanks for sharing this informative piece of history.

School for Hats Milady Matriculates in Millinery Modes

Oooh, I love these old clips!   :)

Hat harmony...


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