There are a lot of talented milliners posting photos of the exteriors of their wonderful creations, which are very inspiring. But, I'd also like to see the insides of the hats and undersides of the fascinators.

I'm curious as to how many modern milliners are putting full linings in their hats and what kinds of linings.  And I'd love to see what your labels - which are basically your artist signatures, and will be how people will know the hats were made by you - look like.

So in short....I'd love to see your labels and linings. Please post photos!

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Then there are some of us sooo busy that we purchase our linings. I would never pay $5/ lining but bought these recently -much cheaper and not worth my time & cost of fabric to handmake for my wholesale range.

Aoife Kirwan! Would love to see you giving us a few lessons on Hat Academy - linings and attachments (like your wire prongs).
Hi Shandana, I would love to do that! I run a range of millinery courses from my studio here in Ireland

Would love to learn from you if you have any online courses or DVDs?

Thanks Renee!

I don't like sewing silk either.  I've found a really nice fabric that is a little easier to handle than 100% silk, a combination of cotton and silk.  Here's the description:  
Elegance:  Here is an absolutely wonderful fabric for garments or quilts and it will show off embroidery beautifully. It is a combination of two sought-after heirloom fibers in one fabric; the 55% cotton and 45% silk yardage is 44" wide and may be hand washed and line dried or dry cleaned.
You can find it in many colors.  

When I turned the Big 60 a few yrs ago I bought an expensive designer suit made from pink silk/cotton fabric -it is beautiful to wear. I am actually  wearing  in my video in my profile and the fabric has slight sheen to it- you are looking after your customers Cynthia.

Hello Cynthia -

I was interested in your comments relating to Elegance, so I sourced this fabric which I believe could be the one in the link i have attached. If you have time, could you confirm if it is the same one please?

It appears however to be out of stock, do you know the manufacturer's name too please, to make it easier to track down.

Thank you so much,


Make sure you buy ink suitable for Fabric so it does not spread although the effect adds to design. I have my logo on my stamp. Will put up pic but Videographer just fine tuning lights & sound ready for today's filming of new lessons.

Mine is a self inking stamp from an office supply store, but I would recommend getting one that has fabric ink.  I was pretty limitted in what I can get in my area. Mine does bleed, but I can get a somewhat interesting cross hatch design.  You need to stamp carefully, however.

Have missed you Renee. -E

Hola a todas ,tengo una pregunta ,quisiera saber si alguna de ustedes sabe hacer flores usando piel, mi duda es si hay que endurecer la piel y si va bien la goma arabiga para esto o cola de pes .Un abrazo para todas.


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