I have purchased my first dome and wide brim blocks.  They are a good start,  I am keen to grown my selection of blocks, does anyone have any suggestions on the most used blocks?

I was thinking that I would like a Mad Hatter like Elaine uses the lessons and I am fascinated by the cloche. 

I am keen to hear your suggestions.... Where did you start and what is your favourite block and why?

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Hi Bronwyn

I started with this set - dome block and collar, medium droop brim and a stand.  they were expensive as a first investment, but are all still serving well and I probably use them the most.   My favourite though, is an old block I bought last year.  It's a classic helmet cloche and has a gorgeous shape - although it is so small I have to pad it out to get a standard 22" hat from it!    I've just bought a couple of lovely pillboxes, which will earn their keep with summer straws very soon!

My first block purchase was an oval long crown with a matching brim block.  I then started collecting different shapes, but find that with a little creative thought you can block many different styles on one block.  For small hats I use just a small portion of a larger block. As a new milliner, I don't have a lot of money for blocks, so I try to buy vintage blocks that  I can use for as many different styles as possible. Some of my blocks aren't the "in" styles, but with a little thought, you can update the hat to come up with a unique style.  For instance, you don't see many millitary crowns, but I purchased a millitary crown block for a very reasonable price, ($15) because no one else wanted it.  Instead of the accepted large, flat brim associated with it, I used an asymetrical brim that turns up in back on this hat http://hatacademy.com/photo/royal-blue-military-crown-w-asymetrical.... It has a whole new look with an unexpected brim.  The military crown with a small brim does not overwhelm a petite woman with a small head and face, like a larger fedora or a millitary crown with a flat brim.  I use the same crown block for straw crowns and large brims. 

You will be amazed at what you can create on the dome crown and brim you have.

I taught with 5 piece Mad hatter as they are the most challenging to block as you are reducing size from large to very small. Currently they are out of fashion as Vintage with dome crown or flat tip is in demand. Fashion goes in cycles.

Look in Saturday trading post and ebay but I do not mind if you chat about your purchase before you buy. Have a great weekend blocking!!  

These quality hand crafted blocks are strong and durable for easy pinning, helping you to create your millinery masterpiece! http://www.hatblocksaustralia.com.au


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