Fixing a felt pillbox/percher hat to the head

Hello all

I have recently made a roll style percher felt hat which I am struggling to attach to the head. My first attempt was an elastic which I stitched in to the petersham ribbon. This was okay, but I wonder if anyone could give me some advice on how they have successfully attached a percher felt hat to the head. I want it to sit just above the eyebrow so it needs to be really secure. I have some combs which I will try next, but if anyone could offer me some advice before I ruin this hat trying to attach it to the head, i would be most grateful!



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I have used the elastic in the past, but am becoming a huge fan of my wire headbands.  They were used a lot during the 40's and 50's.  I make mine out of spring wire and cover with velvet or complimentary fabric.

I use a combination of millinery elastic (I use the ones with the little metal ends which slip under the petersham) and small combs mostly.  A good tip is to attach the elastic at the point of the hat which is directly above each earlobe when the hat is positioned on the head where you want it.  This might mean that the ends of the elastic are not directly opposite each other - but will help it hold and not ride back - especially in one sitting on the forehead.  

I like the headband idea, but can't wear orindary ones as they give me a headache!  Bridget's idea of making a wired shape which fits neatly to your head is a good one.  This can then sit under your hair or, if covered in the same fabric as the hat, can be part of the design. 

Thank you for your replies. I have gone for a doubled pronged attack with this hat! It now has a hat elastic and two small combs. I honestly think that a lot of the hard work in millinery is what you can't see!

Thanks again!


I find that how the hat sits or is afixed to the head is one if not the most important aspect of a hat. If the hat is not comfortable, or if it does not stay in place the wearer will discard it very quickly.  I feel a hat should sit so well, that you forget you have it on.

I have the same trouble with regular headbands, Greer.  That is why I make my own.  The regular ones are very painful and I also wear glasses.  Glasses plus a headband can be very intense, unless you wear a wire headband that does not compete with the glasses.


Ditto with the glasses Bridget.  I know exactly what you mean!



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