Felt leaves - how to press patterns into felt

Hello everyone, 

I´m making long felt leaf shapes for a hat (which will probably be stiffened). I´m trying to figure out how one would press patterns into felt to give the leaves some veins. I guess for small felt leaves you could use petal molds, but these leaves will be long and slender. I´ve tried to dampened the felt and use hot flower tools and a thin damp cloth but that didn´t leave much of a shape.

Does anybody have any ideas or know of any tricks I could try out?

Any help would be very much appreciated. 

Best wishes


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Hello Susi,what kind of felt are you using,wool or fur felt? If it is wool may be you could needle felt a line of a lighter shade of green yarn to represent the leaf vanes or for fur felt have you considered machine stitching the vanes in buttonhole thread( this does work best if you put it in the bobbin and work from the back). This would work on the wool felt too. Just a few ideas that might help. Kind regards Evelyne.

Hello Evelyne, 

Thank you so much for your reply and the ideas! I really appreciate it. I´m using Fur felt and have stitched veining on it before. It looked very sweet but is not what I´m looking for for this particular hat ;) However, I´m interested in what you mean by

"needle felt a line of a lighter shade of green yarn to represent the leaf vanes"

 (I´m German and have a little problem understand this part ;))

Best wishes


To answer your question Susi, needle felting is a dry method of felting using a special barbed needle for the job. It works because the yarn fibres become tangled into the other fibres near by. I bought my needles from a craft shop and they are made by Clover. You Tube have lots of videos to show how it's done. Looking forward to seeing your hat when it is finished.
Kind Regards

Use fossshape to make the leaves and paint them with acrylic paint!  Great thing about Foss shape is that with hairdryer or steam it will make any shape you want!

Ooooh, I´ll have to look that up! Sounds great! Thank you very much, Edith!

Best wishes



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