Can anyone tell me if they have bought felt by the yard or meter?

This is to make a hat from an old vogue pattern that I have and I would like to try it.

I know that craft felt would be to thin.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I do not remember where you live but in the USA I know of 2 places that sell it. 

Judith M Millinery in Indiana sells 2 types of wool felt at about $20 - $25 per yard and Hats by Leko in California sells a high end millinery grade for about $165 per yard.  Have not purchased any from either so I cannot testify to quality.

Thank you Sharon, I live in the UK, but I can order from the US.

I know that there seems to be a couple of different weights, so I need to find what weight I need.


These might be a bit closer to home. Had a couple of hoods last year and were a little thick, but fine.

Thanks for your help I have found some on tow sites all I have to do now is work put the weight of the wool felt I need to make the hat.  It is just one thickness of felt it isn't stiffened with bonder web or anything like that.



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