I just bought a second hand fedora style hat block, and, I addes as usual stiffener before blocking...., 

These days I have been watching online videos about fedoras, and they seem so soft !!!, I was wondering if maybe I should have not used stiffener for this kind of hat, but only steam ???

Any comment /advice will be appreciated!

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Hi.  Only steam will be too soft.  If for a woman, yes, it should be softer than for a man.  If fact, most men's hats are made with thicker felt than a woman's hat.  However because a Fedora is worn by  both you need to reach a happy medium.  Remember that fedoras are handled more than most women's hats and in a different way as the hand is always touching the hat. So they should start a bit stiffer and will eventually soften with handling.  At least, that is my experience and the way I was taught.  Hope this helps.



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